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Predictions for Edge and Telco in 2024

Embracing the transformative wave of digital evolution, more businesses worldwide are turning to 5G technology, edge computing, and AI advancements.

The rise of industrial IoT gateways

The industrial IoT gateway market is reportedly increasing at an accelerating rate and is believed to grow at least until 2027. In the recent years, the ever-growing market...

How 5G and edge computing are driving the digital transformation

5G and edge computing have the potential to revolutionize various industries and offer new possibilities for AI-powered solutions.

Edge computing: Revolutionizing the future of data processing

The edge computing market value is on the rise due to the increasing number of IoT devices and the amount of data they collect.

Industries consume 32% of EU’s final energy

The industrial sector represents nearly one third of the final energy consumption in the European Union, leaving industries highly exposed to the energy crisis.

Industries can increase revenue by up to 40% after IIoT PoCs

With the number of organizations piloting Industrial IoT on the rise, more industrial enterprises are turning to IoT as a way of reducing costs.

5G connections in industrial facilities are on the rise

49 million 5G connections are expected in manufacturing and industrial premises worldwide by 2030, generating USD 2.4 billion in revenue for connection suppliers by 2030.

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