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ORCHESTRA: Transforming device management and monitoring

As industrial IoT deployments increase, the need for efficient device management and monitoring solutions are crucial to effectively leverage these technologies.

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Unified Namespace in IoT and Industrial Automation Systems

A Unified Namespace serves as a centralized repository of all data collected from industrial assets. This centralized approach faciliatates efficient data management, integration,...

Visit CTHINGS.CO at Dublin Tech Summit

Next week, CTHINGS.CO will travel to Royal Dublin Society, Dublin to participate in Europe’s Most Exciting Tech Summit. Dublin Tech Summit is a global technology event and one of...

CTHINGS.CO is coming to IOTSWC24

CTHINGS.CO will attend this year's edition of IOT Solutions World Congress, an international event showcasing the latest disruptive technologies for industrial transformation....

The power of edge computing for IT-OT integration

The integration of operational technology with information technology and the adoption of edge computing are reshaping industrial operations.

CTHINGS.CO: Unlocking the Future of OT at HANNOVER MESSE

  From April 22 to 26, CTHINGS.CO will be joining forces with our partners at Axians to exhibit groundbreaking IoT solutions that redefine the future of industrial operations.

Case Study: Optimizing EV charger maintenance

CTHINGS.CO revolutionizes EV infrastructure with eSIM & device orchestration, ensuring seamless connectivity & operational efficiency for charger networks.

CTHINGS.CO: Revolutionizing manufacturing operations with edge computing

The construction industry stands as a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, accounting for a staggering 40% of the total. With environmental concerns mounting,...

Predictions for Edge and Telco in 2024

Embracing the transformative wave of digital evolution, more businesses worldwide are turning to 5G technology, edge computing, and AI advancements.

The rise of industrial IoT gateways

The industrial IoT gateway market is reportedly increasing at an accelerating rate and is believed to grow at least until 2027. In the recent years, the ever-growing market...