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Case Study: Advanced sensing and monitoring for public lighting

Revolutionizing urban management with advanced technologies and data-driven insights thanks to the Smart.LITE solution, powered by Orchestra.

The Challenge:

The significant increase in population over the past few decades, as well as the ongoing climate change crisis have a big impact on the safety and well-being of residents all around the world.
  • Pollution: Drastic population growth has led to increased urbanization, industrialization, and transportation, which in turn contribute to various forms of pollution. The increased emission of pollutants greatly impacts the air quality, often leading to respiratory issues, and other health problems for residents.
  • Climate Anomalies: Climate crisis, driven largely by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, has led to several climate anomalies, such as heatwaves, and extreme weather events, disrupting normal life, and posing threats to residents across the globe.
  • Crime: Rapid population growth and urbanization can contribute to higher occurrences of urban crime. In places where resources are limited, authorities might encounter challenges in promptly addressing each incident or preventing potential criminal activities. This situation can result in property damage and elevated crime rates.
Cities can effectively address these issues by leveraging smart monitoring and sensing technologies.

The Solution:

Smart.LITE is an advanced sensing and monitoring solution for public lighting, seamlessly integrating an innovative IoT platform, embedded edge computing, and 5G connectivity.

Equipped with a wide variety of sensors, Smart.LITE redefines urban monitoring. offer continuous oversight of environmental conditions, while dedicated sensors for particulate matter can help municipalities easily identify the pollution source. Structural integrity can be vigilantly monitored through vibration sensors, alerting cities to potential infrastructure risks and any signs of road deterioration. Beyond environmental metrics, real-time insights into noise pollution hotspots, can provide city authorities with comprehensive noise level data throughout the day.

Enhanced by cameras and speakers, Smart.LITE enables city officials to monitor traffic conditions, enhance the overall traffic management systems and improve safety of their residents. Meanwhile, speakers can facilitate public announcements and alerts in case of emergencies.

Smart.LITE combines cutting-edge technologies with Orchestra, our zero-trust platform for networking and orchestration, ensuring data security by requiring strict verification any time a user, device, or application requests access to resources. Moreover, Orchestra applies principles of OAuth2.1 and data encryption to allow quick access to each deployed device or application container to authorized users, without the hassle of handling numerous passwords, access keys, or firewalls.

Smart.LITE is a reliable and secure future-proofed solution that empowers city administrations to make better data-driven decisions. By incorporating a range of sensors, including temperature, humidity, brightness, PM2.5, PM10, noise pollution, camera, speaker, and vibrations, our solution aims to revolutionize how cities manage their infrastructure and deliver smart, sustainable solutions.

The Results:

Smart.LITE offers numerous benefits for cities and municipalities by harnessing the power of street lighting infrastructure and advanced technologies:
  • Energy Efficiency: By utilizing the IoT platform and sensors, cities can optimize street lighting based on real-time data, reducing energy consumption and associated costs. This helps in achieving sustainability goals and minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Air Quality Improvement: By identifying pollution sources and monitor particulate matter in the air, the air quality sensors can assist in implementing targeted measures to improve air quality, safeguarding public health.
  • Infrastructure Safety: The vibration sensors can play a significant role in monitoring the structural integrity of road infrastructure. Detecting abnormalities or signs of deterioration early enables municipalities to take timely action to prevent accidents, enhance road safety, and ensure public safety.
  • Noise Pollution Management: Real-time data on noise pollution hotspots allows city authorities to take actions to mitigate noise levels, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.
  • Public Safety Enhancement: Surveillance cameras offer continuous monitoring of public areas, helping law enforcement in crime prevention, emergency response, and overall public safety improvement.
  • Emergency Preparedness: The presence of cameras and speakers ensure efficient communication with residents in case of emergencies. City officials can make announcements, provide alerts, and coordinate responses effectively.
  • Informed Decision-Making: The wealth of data collected by Smart Lamp Pole empowers city authorities and urban planners to make data-driven decisions that improve city infrastructure, services, and quality of life.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: By having a comprehensive monitoring and data collection system in place, cities become more resilient and adaptable to changing conditions.
The Smart.LITE solution powered by Orchestra integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance the urban landscape providing cities and municipalities with actionable insights and tools to create more efficient, sustainable, and livable environments for their citizens.