There’s precious data everywhere.
Let us help you see it.

Even the simplest processes and assets are glowing with untapped digital potential. We build 5G Edge IoT solutions to help you transform invisible data into better decisions.


There’s precious data everywhere.
Let us help you see it.

Even the simplest processes and assets are glowing with untapped digital potential. We build 5G Edge IoT solutions to help you transform invisible data into better decisions.

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From cloud to things. And vice-versa. Continuously and securely.

3 - From cloud to things

5G Industrial IoT and Edge Computing solutions can only reach their true transformative potential when they can be reproduced and maintained efficiently at a mass scale.

For most, Scalability and Security are barriers that mark the end of the road. For CTHINGS.CO, those challenges were our starting point.

We are building the elements of a future-proof environment where the cloud-to-things continuum can go from promise to reality backed by innovative and secure Edge Computing.

Turning data insights into tangible impact.

See how our solutions weave together the intricate threads of technology and information, empowering you to better understand data and turn it into meaningful, long-lasting change.

Orchestra (1)
Orchestra (1)
Data collection (1)
Smart Infrastructure (1)
Orchestra (1)

Orchestra: IoT Enablement and Beyond

Just like a maestro conducting a perfect symphony, Orchestra puts you in control of every detail of each node of the most complex IoT and edge computing networks. 

Onboard devices with a single command and bring up outcome-driven turnkey applications in days, not months. All thanks to a comprehensive IoT enablement platform built upon bleeding-edge security and networking technology.

  • Icons
    Simplify networking between edge devices, apps, and cloud resources
  • ArrowsOutSimple
    Scale quickly and conveniently with automated provisioning
  • ShieldCheck-1
    Improve security with a bleeding-edge Zero-Trust architecture
  • Layers
    Get more done with microservices lifecycle management
Data collection (1)

Data Collection: Extract Hidden Potential

Uncover cost-saving data that has been hiding in your business all along! Data Collection is a non-intrusive IoT solution that monitors industrial assets and processes, empowering you to make better data-driven decisions.

Get instant insights on power consumption, environmental conditions, machinery health, asset location, inventory levels, and much more with a reliable, secure, cable-free, and hassle-free self-healing system.

  • HardDrives
    Digitize assets with non-intrusive sensors
  • Bulb
    Save energy with real time consumption monitoring
  • Archive
    Automate inventory and improve efficiency in your processes
  • ShieldCheck-1
    Improve safety with real-time environmental condition oversight
Smart Infrastructure (1)

Smart Infrastructure: Tech Where it Matters Most

Give a much-needed technology upgrade to critical infrastructure at the core of your community, ensuring visibility to vital resources usually hidden from our sight.

From sewage monitoring to public lighting oversight, our platform transforms aspects of mission-critical infrastructure into intelligent, 5G-powered assets that can redefine how you safeguard and maintain urban infrastructure.

  • PlayCircle
    Access real-time insights from thousands of locations
  • Icon
    Get instant alerts about hazardous condition changes
  • Icon - Alert triangle (1)
    Detect tampering and unauthorized access to critical infrastructure
  • TrendUp
    Save resources and improve maintenance with real-time data

Edge infrastructure for reliable agnostic connectivity.

Our products were developed to solve challenges in Edge Computing infrastructure, with security, scalability, and interoperability as the main drivers of a vendor-neutral approach.

Edge IoT Gateway (Multiconnectivity)

Reliable performance and industry-standard connectivity options packed into a small, lightweight, and cost-effective device.

Bring processing power (single)

Edge IoT Gateway (5G)

The most advanced connectivity protocols and powerful edge computing resources packed into an industrial-grade device.

Edge IoT Gateway (5G)

Connectivity Cards suite

Boost your device with the most advanced IoT wireless protocols in the industry.

Connectivity Cards suite

Data Collection Starter Kit

Skip PoC and go straight into data-driven benefits with an add-on data collection layer designed to simplify Enterprise IoT deployments.

Data Collection Starter Kit
Bring processing power (single)
Edge IoT Gateway (5G)
Connectivity Cards suite
Data Collection Starter Kit

By your side, from cloud to things

Turning a random byte into a transformative insight demands consistency. And achieving it to get a holistic view of data verges on impossible when data management is scattered across various vendors. 

Unlike many other IoT solution providers, our in-house team of developers and engineers lead you through all the steps of your Edge IoT journey. So you don’t waste time and resources on connecting the dots along the way.

Cloud Solutions

Experience the power of data where it matters most. From Hybrid Cloud orchestration to a single pane of glass dashboards, we tailor our cloud expertise to offer your maximum returns from seamless data integration and accessibility.

Embedded Software

Empower your edge and IoT devices with our Linux-based Operational Systems optimized for efficiency and low power consumption. Enhance the performance of your 5G distributed network with our dedicated software development services.

Hardware Engineering

Unleash data intelligence in your industrial and municipal Edge IoT projects with tailor-made hardware infrastructure crafted in-house for optimal performance and customized to meet your unique needs.

Why spend three times more time and money when we can handle your IoT data ecosystem from start to end?

Impactful solutions generating 
meaningful outcomes.

Industrial Data Collection

Industrial Data Collection

How the CTHINGS.CO solutions transformed manufacturing by offering a secure networking fabric for remote industrial robot monitoring, maintenance, and data-driven performance insights, optimizing efficiency and uptime.

Distributed Sewage Monitoring

Distributed Sewage Monitoring

Helping municipalities and private utility sectors to efficiently manage their wastewater systems with our low-power Smart Radar devices to remotely monitor the liquid level inside the wells, resulting in more robust infrastructure, and safer, more sustainable maintenance.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure

Advanced IoT platform integrated with a variety of sensors, edge computing, and 5G connectivity within street lighting infrastructure. By continuously monitoring environmental conditions, the solution empowers city administrations to make data-driven decisions for enhanced safety and well-being.

ESG and Energy Consumption

ESG and Energy Consumption

Discover how our Industrial Data Collection transformed a manufacturing giant by monitoring energy usage, saving costs, and boosting efficiency across a sprawling facility. Real-time insights for impactful change.

Take the word of our

customers and partners.

“The safety of our employees is our overriding goal, and the solutions provided by CTHINGS.CO support its implementation.”

Artur Grynkiewicz President of Valmont Polska

“The NID-CTHINGS.CO solution is the first of its kind in Europe. During the testing phase, the pilot version monitored several locations and gathered more than 2,500 measurements.”

Niclas RønneCEO of NID ApS

“The technology developed by CTHINGS.CO is highly relevant in the robotic industry, where it suits the newly Industry 4.0 paradigm very well.”

Thomas SølundCTO & Co-founder of Spin Robotics ApS

“Working with CTHINGS.CO has been absolutely amazing and flawless. They were super fast and well organized in their customer communication.”

Dr. Tobias Grosse-PuppendahlCTO at workstatt GmbH


Icon - Making it happen

Making it happen

We pride ourselves on thinking about solutions and bringing them into reality. That often means creating new technology from scratch to address specific challenges.

Icon - Flexible and agile

Flexible and agile

More than simply creating a product aimed at a specific use case, we build elements that can be scaled and combined into ideal solutions for unique situations.

Icon - Full cooperation

Full cooperation

We are driven by helping customers see the true value of data. We see your challenges as the next big opportunity to innovate and generate benefits through Edge IoT.

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