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Private 5G: A New Era in IT/OT Integration, Edge Computing and Data Analytics

Private 5G networks are a revolutionary technology offering opportunities for automation, process optimization, and integration of IT/OT networks, which is crucial for industries such as manufacturing, transportation, logistics, energy, and many others.

Since September 2023, thanks to the initiative of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) in Poland has allocated the frequency range from 3800 MHz to 4200 MHz, enabling enterprises to deploy private campus 5G networks. The new regulations allow companies to leverage the benefits of private 5G networks, including:

IT/OT Integration: Key to Advanced Manufacturing

Introducing private 5G networks allows for the integration of Information Technology (IT) with Operational Technology (OT). This enables technical departments to connect sensor networks, machinery, and IT systems, creating a unified infrastructure that facilitates seamless data and information flow. IT/OT integration is crucial for realizing the Industry 4.0 concept, where automation and digitalization of production processes has become a standard.

Edge Computing: Speed and Efficiency

Edge Computing involves processing data close to where it is generated, at the network edge. With private 5G networks, rapid data processing is possible without the need to transmit it to central servers. This solution significantly enhances system response speeds, reducing delays, which is critical for applications requiring immediate decisions, such as autonomous production systems or fleet management.

Data Aggregation and Normalization: Unified Namespace

In the context of advanced data analytics, private 5G networks combined with modern data orchestration platforms allow efficient aggregation of information into a shared Unified Namespace. This unified system collects, stores, and shares data from various sources, facilitating quicker utilization, easier analysis, and use by predictive algorithms. This enables companies to precisely monitor their operations, predict failures, and optimize processes in real time, including through the use of AI.

Edge IoT Infrastructure Management

Private 5G networks also facilitate management of Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure at the network edge. This allows not only monitoring and controlling IoT devices but also software updates, security management, and real-time data analysis. All of this makes infrastructure more resilient to failures and better adapted to changing operational conditions.

Investments in private 5G networks and related technologies are crucial for companies aiming to optimize processes and reduce operational costs. Amidst increasing digitalization and automation, harnessing the full potential of private 5G networks can become a decisive factor for competitiveness in the market.

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