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CTHINGS.CO: Unlocking the Future of OT at HANNOVER MESSE


From April 22 to 26, CTHINGS.CO will be joining forces with our partners at Axians to exhibit groundbreaking IoT solutions that redefine the future of industrial operations. 

Together with Axians Germany and Energy Robotics, we will present the transformative power of technology integration by bringing real-world use cases, from autonomous inspection robots to environmental condition monitoring, illustrating the benefits of merging operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT). 

Under the theme "TO CONNECT OT," our HANNOVER MESSE showcase will highlight this seamless integration, emphasizing the power of connectivity, remote maintenance and security. 

Here’s a glimps of what the visitors can expect at our stand: 

  • Witness firsthand the practical applications of private 5G campus networks for industry. See how this cutting-edge technology revolutionizes networking in complex industrial environments. 
  • Discover how our innovative IIoT Gateways enable the seamless connection of various sensors utilizing the most advanced connectivity protocols. This innovative solution unlocks endless possibilities for remote data collection, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance scenarios.  
  • Experience enhanced capabilities for networking and orchestration between IoT, edge and hybrid cloud resources, thanks to our IoT enablement platform. Easily integrate IoT solutions, gather immediate insights from devices and apps in one place, and remotely maintain and monitor KPIs in a secure and flexible software-defined architecture. 
  • Explore the comprehensive set of industrial sensors and I/O modules designed to collect data from diverse measurements. From temperature and humidity to vibration and air quality, the integrated sensors ensure accurate and real-time data collection for informed decision-making. 
  • Witness live use cases highlighting the importance of real-time monitoring and control. Our solutions enable seamless data collection, visualization, and automation for optimized energy consumption and operational efficiency. 
  • Experience a one-of-a-kind showcase that brings the concept of digitalization to life: a Lego model depicting an entire industrial plant, complete with high racks, an industrial railway line, a waste disposal facility, a 5G transmission mast, and an IT/OT Security Operations Center (SOC), representing seamless integration.   
As we embrace this year's theme of "Energizing a Sustainable Industry," we are committed to driving innovation, promoting sustainability, and shaping the future of industrial technology.  

Join us at Booth G24 in Hall 15 to explore how our innovative portfolio can revolutionize industrial operations.

You can get your free ticket for HANNOVER MESSE, on this website.