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Smart lamp pole displayed at hubraum's 5G Test Lab

Solution that leverages Quality on Demand 5G APIs was one of the main attractions during the opening event in Kraków, Poland

CTHINGS.CO, a leading innovator in edge IoT solutions, partnered up with Deutsche Telekom for a live demonstration of 5G Network Slicing and quality on-demand open APIs during the launch of the 5G Testing Lab in Kraków, Poland, on October 10th. 

The demonstration featured Valmont’s Smart.LITE, a cutting-edge urban infrastructure solution developed with CTHINGS.CO to enhance safety and security within smart cities. Leveraging the power of the standalone 5G Network in the lab provided by Deutsche Telekom tech incubator – hubraum, CTHINGS.CO successfully illustrated the dynamic capabilities of network slicing to ensure the high-quality and latency of surveillance video streaming in real-time. 

In a live demonstration, CTHINGS.CO utilized 5G Network Slicing and open APIs to request quality on demand for mission-critical surveillance video streaming in a congested environment. This innovative approach allows for precise adjustments in network parameters, ensuring optimal performance tailored to the use case's requirements. The solution’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of surveillance applications demonstrates its potential to revolutionize safety and security measures within urban environments. 

The importance of 5G Network Slicing and open APIs in our portfolio of solutions cannot be overstated,” emphasized Arnold Wierzejski, CEO at CTHINGS.CO. “These technologies enable us to dynamically allocate network resources, ensuring critical applications receive the necessary quality and performance they demand.”  

Video streaming is only one of many use cases for Quality on Demand APIs and 5G Network Slicing. The same principle is applied to applications that require ultra-low latency or extreme bandwidths, like autonomous vehicles, remote operations, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Valmont’s Smart.LITE is one of many turnkey applications built upon Orchestra, the CTHINGS.CO’s flagship solution for edge computing and hybrid cloud orchestration. Orchestra offers agnostic Networking as a Service (NaaS) through multiple connectivity standards, including 5G. This powerful platform plays a pivotal role in enabling seamless integration and efficient management of edge computing and hybrid cloud solutions, facilitating enhanced performance and agility across a wide spectrum of applications within Smart Cities and Industry 4.0. 

CTHINGS.CO is also making waves on the global stage as the only Polish startup participating in the CAMARA project led by the Linux Foundation. The CAMARA project aims to standardize telco APIs on a global scale, fostering interoperability and seamless integration of services in the telecommunications industry.  

“The participation in the CAMARA project aligns with our commitment to driving industry standards and fostering collaboration in the telco space,” added Wierzejski. “Standardizing APIs is a critical step towards realizing the full potential of 5G, ensuring that innovative solutions can seamlessly integrate and deliver enhanced experiences to users.” 

Deutsche Telekom 5G Testing Lab, offers an invaluable platform for companies like CTHINGS.CO to test and refine their solutions in a real-world, fully standalone 5G network environment.  

“We open the doors to all companies and developers who want to base their advantage on the IT infrastructure provided by us. Collaborating with hubraum, young companies can get in touch with specific departments within Deutsche Telekom, which speeds up implementations, allows for product customization to real market needs, and opens the door to new business opportunities,” adds Jerzy Grzesiak, the head of the hubraum team in Poland. 

Previously involved in hubraum 5G Early Access program in Berlin, Germany, CTHINGS.CO is now bringing experience and expertise to the activities in Kraków. This collaboration paves the way for continued innovation and the creation of future-ready solutions for enterprises and municipalities. 

You can learn more about CTHINGS.CO and its innovative platform here