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The rise of industrial IoT gateways

The industrial IoT gateway market is reportedly increasing at an accelerating rate and is believed to grow at least until 2027. In the recent years, the ever-growing market demands have led to significant advancements in gateway features.

With the increase of nearly 15%, reaching $860 million last year, the industrial IoT gateways market is forecasted to grow at least through 2027, according to the recent report by IoT Analytics.    

Industrial IoT (IIoT) gateways offer advanced functionalities catering to the ever-growing demand for secure, efficient, and integrated solutions. Here are some noteworthy advancements shaping the proliferating IIoT Gateway market:   
  • Security Management: With the increasing number of connected devices, ensuring robust security is crucial. IIoT gateway vendors are proactively integrating security features to satisfy the customer demand for proof of security levels in industrial IoT equipment. 
  • Computation: The trend towards enhanced processing power enables edge computing, reducing latency and empowering real-time data analysis.  
  • Data and Resource Management: Local data storage on IIoT gateways facilitates efficient data processing at the edge. This is important especially in industrial operations that may require data sorting and analysis before being transmitted to an IT or cloud server.   
IIoT gateways facilitate secure and efficient exchange of data between operational technology (OT) equipment on the floor and IT infrastructure or the cloud, thus enabling the IT and OT convergence. Moreover, they can play a pivotal role in enhancing industrial operations, ensuring security, optimizing processes, and fostering innovation.  

A recent analysis conducted by IoT Analytics highlights three primary benefits of IIoT gateway implementations: 

  • Better IT/OT Integration: Enterprises enable real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance thanks to the implementation of IIoT gateways.  
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Automation through IIoT gateways significantly reduces manual labor requirements.   
  • Energy Savings: Companies can substantially cut their energy costs through efficient data handling and secure communication.  

By evaluating the right IIoT gateway aligned with security standards, assessing potential architectural improvements, and leveraging edge computing for automated controls, businesses can significantly optimize their operations. 

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