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Case Study: Efficient monitoring in narrow wastewater systems

CTHINGS.CO introduces a groundbreaking solution to overcome the challenges associated with effective wastewater management in narrow and deep sewege systems. 

Accessing and monitoring water levels in narrow and deep manholes pose significant challenges. Traditional methods struggle in these environments, hindering effective wastewater management. The confined space and depth of these manholes make it difficult for personnel to safely enter and gather data manually.  Moreover, the accuracy of the data collected through these methods may be compromised, leading to potential inaccuracies in assessing the water levels. The need for accurate, real-time data and proactive monitoring is crucial to prevent system failures and environmental hazards.

CTHINGS.CO’s Smart Utilities application, powered by their secure Orchestra platform, addresses the challenges of wastewater management in narrow and deep manholes. The solution incorporates Smart Radar sensors with high sensitivity, capable of accurately measuring water levels even in shallow depths. These robust and ultra low-power devices ensure long-term, consistent performance in challenging environments. The online platform provides remote access to water level data, enabling utility operators to make data-driven decisions by efficiently monitor levels, observing fluctuations, tracking trends continuously.

The adoption of CTHINGS.CO’s Smart Utilities application yields numerous benefits for wastewater management:

  • Accurate Data: The solution provides precise water level measurements, even in narrow and deep manholes, enabling proactive monitoring and timely interventions.

  • Remote Access: Utility operators can remotely access water level data, facilitating real-time decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Continuous Monitoring: The platform enables continuous monitoring of water levels, allowing operators to observe fluctuations and track trends for predictive maintenance and system optimization.

  • Long-Term Performance: Ultra low-power devices ensure seamless connectivity and consistent performance over extended periods, even in challenging environments, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Whether in narrow or standard manholes, the solution enhances predictive capabilities and ensures a proactive approach to wastewater system management, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. 

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